Summit GIS

Along with Mazzetta Menegon & Partner AG in Untervaz (Grisons) we developed "Summit GIS", a WebGIS solution for operators of skiing areas. Nowadays, running a larger ski area costs around 250,000 francs - per day! This has much to do with infrastructure - which needs to be managed efficiently!

Aldo Menegon, CEO Mazzetta Menegon Partner AG:

Finally an application that anyone can use. The user interface is self-explanatory, accessibility simple and clear.


These days, the infrastructure of skiing is simply huge - one can't imagine:

WMS Editing

No kidding - you are reading correctly: Transactional Web Mapping Services (WMS). WMS is raster data, how can one edit that? WMS are often underestimated, not only a few are thinking that WMS are something "view only", no information or whatever. Wrong. With WMS you can do almost anything you can do with vectors, if not even more:

Comprehensive functions for data capture

Summit GIS is the pivotal application for capturing and managing the infrastructure:

Summit GIS is already in use by top skiing areas such as Davos/Klosters, St. Moritz, Titlis, Gstaad, Flumserberg, Pizol.