MAP + is not just another web mapping application - it is a WEB GIS that can do much more then just visualize data. Editing, import, export, upload GPS data are just a few keywords. Integration is another: WMS, WMTS, UMN MapServer, Google Maps, Street View, infra3D, StoryMaps, and so on - all in a single integrated user interface. For a comprehensive description, see the MAP+ Workshop held at the 25 years TYDAC event and our online-brochure (German).


Unreached Functionality

The functionality of MAP + is so extensive, it makes the term Web GIS an understatement. If you look at the applications, it can be an Infrastructure Management System, a Data Integration System, a Management Information System and even more. For many customers it has made desktop systems redundant - at a fraction of the costs. A listing of functions:

  • Visualize:
    • Background Maps: Your own WMTS and/or  WMS (even combined), Google Maps, Bing Maps etc. - you can integrate them all, with on-the fly reprojection
    • Layer: almost impossible to mention all the supported map types ... WMS, WMTS, UMN MapServer, Autodesk AIMS, ArcGIS Server. GeoJSON ... In addition, you can alter the transparency level and sort them as you like
    • Google StreetView, iNovitas infra3D, Google Earth ...
    • StoryMaps
  • Functions block:
    • Choice of background maps
    • Home-Button (back to start-view)
    • Turn all layers off with one click
    • GPS localization
    • Online Help

Unlimited Query Options

Integration means, as well, not only to be able to query the GIS database, but to be able to integrate any external source of information:

  • Database content with the capability to format the output and to concatenate strings and fields
  • Hyperlinks
  • Images, image carousel (multiple image support)
  • Query profile (cross section) on-the-fly
  • Highlight of objects with multiple hits (mouse over the corresponding info)
  • Highlight of cable logical connections (electricity, fiber)
  • Lookups: inline, JSON-lists, from databases
  • on-the-fly vector overlay, for example parcels with zoning
  • Query on a different layer as the one shown, query on WMTS layers accessing the source
  • Query of relationships, such as parcels-owners
  • Query of ownership using SIX Terravis (11.5 cantons)
  • Queries exportable to CSV

APPS: Sophisticated Tools

A configurable toolbox fulfilling all possible needs:

  • Print:
    • WYSIWYG via HTML
    • PDF print using as many layouts as you want, easy configuration of layouts via JSON
  • Measure:
    • Distance - where you can add and move vertices as you like
    • Area, as above
    • Distance with profile generation, profile exportable as CSV
  • Measurement lines (precise measurement on database):
    • Point to point
    • Orthogonal
    • Can be stored as bookmark or printed as PDF
  • Drawing functions:
    • Symbols, lines, areas, text
    • Can be stored as bookmark or printed as PDF
  • Selection/Export:
    • Geographic and SQL selection, as well combined
    • Export to CSV, Shape etc.
  • Integration of externals WMS, which can be stored as bookmark
  • Special functions (e.g., as in Summit GIS):
    • Import of DXF and CSV as a snappable backdrop for digitizing
    • Import of structured CSV in DB

Data Capture

Desktop GIS was yesterday. The editing capabilities of MAP+ make many desktop GIS obsolete. The possibilities of data acquisition are as sophisticated as manifold:

  • Digitizing based on WMS- or GeoJSON layers
  • Snap-functionality, configurable snap layers
  • Move, add, or delete single vertices
  • Configurable: attributes only, geometry only, combined, deletable yes/no, author-based
  • Auttribute choices via lists or radio buttons (mandatory attributes), default values
  • Lists extendable with images
  • Multilingual (using lookups)
  • Import of fotos with GPS information, preview image and location before import
  • Capability to add multiple fotos
  • Import of GPX , with preview of result
  • Import of backdrop drawings as DXF or CSV

Search and Routing

Simple or categorized search. Search with an Enterprise Level Search Engine, Google Search, and Google Routing:

  • Simple, one-parameter search via search database
  • Categorized Search, suitable as in many communities like in GeoGR = filter through community
  • Search with Apache Lucene Solr Search Engine.
    • Extremely powerful Open Source Enterprise Level Search-Engine
    • Search through databases, text files (CSV), documents etc.
    • Full-text search, spatial search (location aware), hit highlighting, real-time indexing, dynamic clustering, database integration …
    • Same engine is, e.g., used by  Instagram, Netflix, Disney, Apple, eBay etc.
    • Experience with (try it!): almost real-time answers on millions of objects


No matter if at the office, at home or on the way. For the intranet, extranet or the public.

MAP+ is automatically adopted to the device you are using (responsive Design). Using Smartphones with an optimum in functionality and performance - looking the same as on the desktop. Of course with functionality for localization (GPS). MAP+ can as well be configured for any number of roles and users, and upon request, with the support of Single Sign On.