Data & Services

Right from the beginning in 1991 we were aware of the importance of easily accessible data. TYDAC was the first company in Switzerland, who has actively produced and offered geodata. The first spatial data and related information we offered, were generalized municipal boundaries associated with statistical information. Famous became our map of the referendum on the EEA agreement in 1992. Later, we created as the first ones, many years before the post itself, postcode boundaries. And at the TYDAC User Meeting 2002, we spoke of "Open Data", long before the term became popular. Today, processing and integrating data is still daily business. Furthermore, we research intensively on open data and provide data and related services to our customers. Whenever possible, at favorable conditions. We offer as well a range of other services related to geographic information: application development, support, training, project support, consulting, etc.


1992 - No to the EEA divides Switzerland along the language borders

At the time, the map was created using generalized municipality borders and the software SPANS on OS/2:

Data and Data Integration

We deal every day with data and spatial data. With over 300 FME customers, there is almost every day a support case or a how do I . And data in all sorts of forms and formats. For almost every client, WebGIS data is processed every night and updated automatically. We also constantly produce data for us and for customers and integrate it into applications. Examples:

  • OSM++ maps, produced from OpenStreetMap and data from other sources:
    • Now from the Mediterranean to the middle of Germany
    • Updated every three months, processing takes about a week (final result are tiles = WMTS)
    • Constantly looking for new free data sources, see the result on our Open Data Pages (in German)
  • Points of Interest: up to date way over a 100'000 in about 100 categories, trying hard to keep them up to date ...
  • Address data from all possible sources, tremendously differing in price: TomTom, OpenStreetMap, Cantons, GeoPost
  • Elevation Models: EU DEM and, where available, merged with other higher resolution sources:
    • Processed to a 5m resolution, file size is 425 GB
    • Calculation of relief, slope, contours etc.
    • On-the-fly profile generation in and other applications
  • Integration of WMS Services wherever wanted, examples:
    • Aerial image of the canton Zurich in the Web GIS of Wädenswil, EW Meilen and in
    • Antenna  locations GSM, UMTS und LTE
    • Availability of fiber connections
    • etc.

Not only Geo-Data ...

Of the small community of Mulegns, many only know the narrow road to the Julier Pass, where two vehicles can not cross and large trucks scratch the house walls. Like so many mountain communities, Mulegns also fights with emigration and aging. Mulegns is the place where the ancient, fascinating, and decrepit Posthotel Löwen is located, which has even its own Wikipedia entry! The illustration shows a variety of non-geographic data:

  • Two Wikipedia Entries: one of Mulegns itself and the other one of the mentioned Posthotel Löwen
  • Population statistics:
    • a total of 27 inhabitants, one of them a child of 10-14, he became known on TV on the program Cuntrasts as the only scholar
    • the odd population structure
  • Other data shown:
    • Employment
    • Land use
    • Political parties
  • on the Tax stats are available as well

TYDAC processed and integrated all this data into from different sources such as the federal tax department, the federal office of statistics, Wikipedia etc.

Professional Web- and Map-Design

A nightmare what you see on many Web Mapping Sites: lousy design and horrifying maps. TYDAC has always focused on professional design. Since 2015 we have also a trained graphics artist in our ranks - a real Roman. Yes, when it comes to design, you can not get around those Italians ... Attentive users have noticed it, we have become even better (yes, there is always room for improvement). On what we emphasize:

  • User interface: Not only an eye catcher, as well self-explanatory. Aldo Menegon, director of Mazzetta Menegon Partner AG about Summit GIS: Finally a program that anyone can use. The user interface is self-explanatory, simple and clear.
  • Maps: Web Mapping is all about maps. Products such as UMN MapServer enable users to produce high end cartographic output. Flagship is our OSM++ map, customer reactions show it, it rains compliments.
  • Map elements: For our Roman has overworked all POIs graphics. All are now sparkling vector (SVG).  The library is made out of more then 150 symbols. More to come!

Application Development

TYDAC has over 15 years of experience in the development of web-based mapping applications. Primarily, the developments are based on our products MAP+ and SHOP+,  however, our offer goes much further:

  • Development of Interfaces to other systems. Examples:
    • Two ways SSL requests to the SIX Terravis parcel ownership system. In the Grisons, this service is not only integrated in GeoGR, but available for anybody
    • iNovtas infra3D interface
    • Google StreetVIew Integration
  • Special developments, Examples:
    • Automatic generation of loads of PDF outputs based on database queries using ArcGIS Server Rest Services
    • Shop for the reservation and purchase of flea market stands using a geographic selection, payment is via Postfinance (see image)
    • Offline data capture WebGIS on Tablets (see GIS-PLAN Neophyte)
    • Shopfinder and Coverage Tool based Google Maps API, developed for Sunrise Communications
    • Ticino firefighters: Web GIS Integration for the Alarm and Mobilization System


TYDAC offers teaching for all products we sell and for Open Source Software. This for beginners and for advanced users. What is the advantage of the TYDAC GIS education offer?

  • Flexibility: We tailor the course to the specific needs of single clients and not just a standard training. Such as a forestry client has completely different needs as a retailer!
  • Multilingual: All your teachers speak at least English, German, and French, some as well Italian and Spanish.
  • Training Materials: We create all training material ourselves, based on long years of experience: we know what we teach about!
  • Independence: We offer products from different vendors so that we can estimate how a problem is solved in the most efficient way.

Educational Offering

  • Introductory courses: Standard training and specific on-site training
  • Tailored courses for specific themes, adopted to client data and requirements. Examples of teaching held in the past: FME: INTERLIS read/write, ArcGIS Advanced Training, ArcGIS Python Scripting, Oracle Spatial SQL ...
  • Advance Training
  • General introductions to GIS

The complete offering can be found on fit4GIS