TYDAC offers a range of services around the ESRI ArcGIS family of products. Highlight of our offer is MAP +, a Web-GIS solution for ESRI ArcGIS Server.

TYDAC offers the following services and products :

  • MAP+, a Web GIS solution for ESRI ArcGIS Server
  • Development of ESRI ArcGIS Server-based Web-Mapping solutions
  • ArcGIS Desktop Training
  • ESRI specific FME Training
  • GeoData in all ESRI formats
  • With FME Desktop ESRI Edition the ideal data translator to all ESRI Products

ESRI and ArcGIS are licensed trademarks of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.

City of Bern WebGIS using ESRI ArcGIS Server

The application was developed using the ESRI ArcGIS Server JavaScript API and the DOJO Toolkit. Themes are:

Desktop and Mobile

No matter if at the office, at home or on the way. For the intranet, extranet or the public.