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Transactional WMS ???

No kidding - you are reading correctly: Transactional Web Mapping Services (WMS). WMS is raster data, how can one edit that? WMS are often underestimated, not only a few are thinking that WMS are something "view only", no information or whatever. Wrong. With WMS you can do almost anything you can do with vectors, if not even more:

  • View
  • Query
  • Highlight
  • Edit
  • Legends and descriptions on demand


The idea of tools for WMS editing was around for a while at TYDAC, the only piece of puzzle missing was an application we could apply that on. Along with Mazzetta Menegon & Partner AG in Untervaz (Grisons) we developed "Summit GIS", a WebGIS solution for operators of skiing areas. Nowadays, running a larger ski area costs around 250,000 francs - per day! This has much to do with infrastructure - which needs to be managed efficiently:

  • Transport facilities, slopes, ways, fences
  • Buildings and properties
  • Hydraulic and pneumatics for snowmaking
  • Electricity and IT
  • Avalanche protection
  • Anchors, slope control etc.

... along with base data such as aerial images, digital terrain models, surveying and planning data etc.

A fact many do not know is, that today's snow groomers are equipped with sophisticated navigation systems such as Snowsat, integrating highly accurate elevation models to optimize the depth of snow (with about 4cm of elevation accuracy!). Furthermore, these devices are "fed" with data about the complete infrastructure. Summit GIS is the application for editing and managing the infrastructure data. The functionality includes:

  • Import of high precision GPS captured data
  • Capability to import CSV-lists and DXF CAD data as a backdrop for digitizing
  • Online-editing and data capture based on WMS layers, including snapping capabilities
  • When capturing points x,y, and z attributes are automatically set as attributes for points (needed for CSV export). When capturing areas, the surface is automatically updated as an attribute.
  • HTML Legends generated by the WMS
  • Selection and export of the infrastructure data for import into the navigation system

The application is based on MAP+, UMN MapServer, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and GDAL/OGR (Import/Export).

Summit GIS is already being used by top skiing areas such as Davos/Klosters, St. Moritz, Titlis, Gstaad, Flumserberg, Pizol.