GeoGR WebGIS 2016

GeoGR goes SmartPhones and SmartThemes

GeoGR goes mobile

The newest GeoGR WebGIS version has been developed supporting "responsive Web Design". The application now responds to the users behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. But not only that, we reduced the functionality on smartphones "to the max":

  • Locate (GPS)
  • Choice of the background map
  • Choice of layers
  • Themes (see below)
  • Turn all layers off
  • Home
  • Search

New choice of themes (map compositions)

As we integrated responsive web design, we changed the layer manager in a way that it can be collapsed to the left. And we added a collapsible page to the right. On this page we offer the user pre-cooked map compositions, using one click. The functionality includes:

  • When choosing a map composition the layer manager is updated accordingly
  • Link to the acquisition of the related data -> GeoGR Shop, all data of the canton is free
  • Link to the department in charge of the data
  • Link to metadata

The page is an ordinary HTML, means you can design it as you like and add any map composition, search option or whatsoever. We are not aware if the name for this was invented by ESRI: StoryMaps.

Last not least: Redesign of the user interface

Implementing responsive web design, we overhauled the look and feel and we added some useful functionality:

  • Manipulation of the brightness of the background map
  • Switch the background map between color and grayscale
  • Collapsible overview map (bottom right)
  • Collapsible choice of background maps