GeoGR WebGIS 2015

Query of property ownership via SIX Terravis

GeoGR WebGIS 2015

Most of the communes can access ownership information using the SIX Terravis service (92% of the parcels are covered). Terravis is the electronic information portal for land registry data in Switzerland. Using a two-way SSL connection ownership is queried directly accessing the land registries of the canton.

GeoGR is constantly evolving and the 2015 release offers a large number of improvements:

  • New Maps and new Views
  • 28 new layers on infrastructure
  • Google Maps: Street and Aerial Maps
  • 3D using Google Earth
  • Google StreetView Integration

New Functionality

  • Distance measurement with profile generation
  • Bookmark functionality supporting maps, layers, drawings etc. (example with two external WMS Layers)
  • Support for external Web Mapping Services (WMS)
  • Layer sequence and transparency
  • PDF optional coordinate grid / Offline PDF generation
  • New import and export processes

Some of the new functions in detail:

Google Maps, StreetView, and Earth Integration

Integration of street and aerial maps with on-the-fly reprojection.

StreetView integration with some differences to Google Maps:

  • Clicking (not dragging) the StreetView icon searches the nearest StreetView object
  • User can move the StreetView object in the map, the nearest StreetView object is shown
  • Navigation inside StreetView is reflected in the map (position and direction).

Google Earth functionality: The activated layers are shown in Google Earth. The WMS support of GE, however, is a bit "fuzzy".

Adding external WMS Layers

We are not the first one implementing that, but we think the first ones supporting all possible functions:

  • Layer filter
  • Preview
  • Description (if available)
  • Legend (if available)
  • Query feature information (if available and respecting the rules)